Monkey Refuge Center Visit

*Children must be age 5 or older.

This tour is perfect for children and animal lovers of all ages. Whether you want to give back or experience first hand what goes into a rescue center for jungle animals, this tour guarantees to pull at your heartstrings and won't disappoint.

During your visit you will:

  • Walk to the North Ridge of the Sanctuary for beautiful views while learning about the ecology, geology, and indigenous flora & fauna of the area
  • Relax in the Educational Pavilion and enjoy refreshments while learning about the issues that threaten Costa Rica’s wildlife & our efforts to mitigate their impact
  • Tour our facilities while learning about the Golden Mantled Howlers and other animals in our care.
  • See firsthand the extensive amount of work required to operate a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation & release center

To visit you must have been in Costa Rica for 3 or more days & be in good health

Monkeys are so closely related to humans that they catch many of the same illnesses that we do, so to help reduce the risk of transmitting germs to our residents we ask that you please respect this very important requirement. For this same reason, any form of contact with the animals is prohibited.

To book:

  1. -Fill out the form below and add this adventure to your itinerary!
  2. -Repeat for each attendee. 



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